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Investor Relations

4Welcome to the South Road Properties. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with you.

The SRP is the exclusive property of the City of Cebu. As a locator, you will then have the advantage of being the partner of one of the Philippines’s strongest and most efficient local government units.

The City of Cebu has made sure that you enjoy certain advantages as an investor, among them expedient business set-up services with the assistance of the Cebu Investment Promotions Center. A virtual one-stop-shop for the prospective investor, the CIPC will see to it that you are provided with a comprehensive range of investor services that will assure that your investment in Cebu is as economically rewarding as it is personally fulfilling.

5The CIPC offers a convenient means of checking out Cebu. It will organize your visit(s) and work out your itinerary, provide you with economic information and statistics on Cebu, arrange site visits, link you with possible business partners and service providers, brief you on government policies on invetment, available incentives, wage laws and required permits and identify established professional organizations that can provide you with management, manpower, accounting and auditing services.

6As a prospective locator, you will appreciate that the SRP is a Special Economic Zone, created under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. As such, investors of the zone are entitled to certain incentives, provided they qualify under PEZA guidelines. (

The property blocs at the SRP may be acquired through direct purchase, long-term lease or joint venture arrangements. Once you have established your business at the SRP, the estate management will take care of investor concerns.