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Transport Facilities and Infrastructures

The SRP will be served by a network of thoughtfully-designed roads – the South Coastal Road, primary roads and an internal road network made up of service and collector roads. All properties within the site will be accessible through this network.

The site will be a showcase of the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS), a high-efficiency public transportation system that allows hassle-free transfers between major points within the site. The SRP BRTS will connect with a planned citywide BRTS.

7Installation of the system is planned for Phase 1 , between 2009 and 2014.

The BRTS, a fleet of bi-articulated buses making designated stops within the area at short, predictable time intervals and operating on dedicated lanes, is designed with the convenience of end-users as its primary aim. An efficient commuter system will allow smooth commuter flows within the area resulting in more economic activity and, consequently, better business volumes for commercial area locators.

8A functional BRTS, coupled with an efficient private transport regulation system will make the SRP a commuter- and environment-friendly development hub, another first in the history of the Philippines.

Entry/exit to and from the SRP is through four points: the SRP causeway, the Talisay City access point, Pardo-Tagunol access road and the Mambaling access road. The BRTS and the SRP road infrastructure will be planned around these entry/exit areas.