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Estate Utilities

14The SRP is operated as a mixed-use economic estate and as such is supplied with the essential utilities and services that properties of such design require. And more.

Water and power and other utilities are available in sufficient supply at the SRP. . All a locator needs to do is connect to the main utilities lines and he gets served too.

A utilities corridor, a system that places utility lines on boxed receptacles above-ground, is being planned for installation in all areas within the site. With the installation of the utilities corridor, maintenance and repairs of sewage, water, power and telephone lines would be faster and less costly.

15Estate security and solid waste management, i.e. collection and disposal, are also provided.

Rates for power and telecommunications are comparable to the rest of Cebu City. Water rates are likewise competitive.

As in other economic zones, the administration will charge service fees for the provision of security and solid waste management services.
The basic utilities – water, power, telecommunications – are available in sufficient supply at the SRP. The City of Cebu has concluded negotiations for the provision of some utilities and is in the final stages of negotiation with providers of the other basic facilities.