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  1. Revenue Generation in  the calendar year 2009 amounting to Php 47,487,970.52
  2. Administrative
  1. Contract of Lease – Renewed about 95% of the contract of lease with the stallholders and/or lessees.
  2. Issued the notices of violation to every offender of the market code
  3. Conducted meetings to stallholders for any implementation of rules and regulation within the city markets.
  4. Attended and participated to any Cebu City Government activities
  1. Operations

A. Cleanliness Drive

  1. Conducted education to vendors through seminars about cleanliness and sanitation within the city markets
  2. Flushing and Drainage Declogging operation - Conducted regular monthly flushing and drainage declogging operation in its market unit which have been resulted to the clean market drainages.
  3. Have monitored the proper garbage disposal in all city market units.

B. Orderliness

  1. The Market Supervisors in its market unit had conducted daily inspection of stalls/spaces along with its market premises in order to see to it that the passageways and aisles are free from any obstruction and are very accessible to the buying public.
  2. The Market Police/Market Task Force had regulated the ambulant vendors which are situated at the sidewalks and side streets of the market premises. Estimated confiscated Tables, * Lantay, * Hapag, * Bakat and Weighing Scales as of calendar year 2009:
  • Tables - 100 pieces
  • Lantay - 300 pieces

      (Tables and Lantay were dismantled and given to Com. Scout for firewood.)

  • Hapag - 80 pieces
  • Bakat - 50 pieces

     (Hapag and Bakat were destroyed and disposed as garbage.)

  • Weighing Scales - 1000 pieces

     (Destroyed by M.A. and turned into scrap.)

  • Perishable Commodities - 2 tons

     (Some were returned to the owner with corresponding penalty; some were given to charity institutions such as Asilo, and Community Scout.)

NOTE: Lantay (noun) - a bed made of bamboo slats; Hapag (n.) - round and shallow basket; Bakat (n.) - a hamper or a container that is usually woven and has handles. Translations taken from