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GAD Profile

Republic Act 7192 or the Philippine Gender and Development Act is an act promoting the integration of women as full and equal partners of men in development and nation building and for other purposes. As Cebu City Government’s response to implement this law, the different city hall GAD Focal Persons identified and conducted a profiling project in 2010. The objective of the project is to get personal, family, economic and health data and information from the 5,000 or more permanent and casual employees and capture those data in an information system. A GAD survey form was designed and approved and were distributed to the different departments and offices of city hall. The survey forms were encoded in a database, analyzed and presented in bar graph and pie in order to visualize or obtain the distribution by various category, bracket and classification. The GAD Profile of every department is intended to become a useful input in planning and development so that programs, projects, activities and even laws, ordinances and executive orders formulated, passed and enacted would consider both the needs of men and women of city hall.

The following statistics resulted from the survey conducted amongst the staff of the City Treasurer's Office:

CTO GAD Profile - Gender

CTO GAD Profile - Civil Status

CTO GAD Profile - Blood Type

CTO GAD Profile - Employment Status

CTO GAD Profile - Nature of Actual Work

CTO GAD Profile - OtherSourcesIncome

CTO GAD Profile - Hours Per Week Spent for Economic Activities

CTO GAD Profile - Length of Years Employed in the Cebi City Government

CTO GAD Profile - Length of Years Living in Present Address

CTO GAD Profile - Living Environment Profile

CTO GAD Profile - Owned a Vehicle or Not

CTO GAD Profile - Mode of Transportation in Going To Place of Work

CTO GAD Profile - Spouse Living With Employee

CTO GAD Profile - House Living Condition

CTO GAD Profile - Ages of Children

CTO GAD Profile - OFW Spouse

CTO GAD Profile - No. of Children

CTO GAD Profile - Has Been Confined in the Hospital for the Last Two Years

CTO GAD Profile - Sickness Experienced for the Last Two Years

CTO GAD Profile - With Sick Member in the Family

CTO GAD Profile - Has Occupied Public/Elected Position

CTO GAD Profile - Major Operations Undergone

CTO GAD Profile - Covered by Health Insurance

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