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Business Taxes and Fees Services

- Issuance of Business Taxes and Fees Asessment (New)

- Issuance of Business Tax and Fees Asessment (Renewal)

Assessment of Special Permit Fee, Miscellaneous Taxes, Fees and Charges

- Processing of Applications for Retirement of Business


Business Examination and Inspection Services

- Issuance of Business Certifications and Clearance

- Issuance of Compromise Agreement on Installment payment of Delinquent Taxes, Fees and  


- Testing and Sealing of Instruments of Weights and Measures

- Registration of Admission/Entrance Tickets of Movie Houses, Terminals, Concerts and other

  similar events


Administrative Services

- Personnel Management

     - Benefits Administration

     - Leave Administration

     - Employee Discipline

     - Performance Management

     - Personnel Audit / Inventory

- Supply and Property Management

     - Preparation of Annual Project Procurement Management Plan

     - Preparation and Processing of Purchase Request

     - Inventory of Office Supplies and Properties

- Records Management and General Services

     - Management of Incoming and Outgoing Correspondence

     - Issuance of Office Clearance Certificate

     - Management of Employee’s 201 and other records

- Fiscal Management Services

     - Processing of Employee Cash Bonds

     - Preparation of Annual Investment Plan

     - Preparation of Annual Office Budget Requests

     - Preparation of Work and Financial Plan

     - Processing of Office Payables and Obligations

     - Conduct of Issued Accountable Forms Verification

- Accountable Forms Services

     - Issuance of Accountable Forms

     - Issuance of Certified True Copy of Accountable Forms


Cash Receipts Services

- Collection of Business Tax Payment

- Issuance of Community Tax Certificate (CEDULA)

- Collection of Miscellaneous Fees and Charges Payment

- Collection of Transfer Tax Payment

- Collection of Economic Enterprise Revenue 

- Issuance of Certification of No Delinquency on Market Stall Rental Fees


Real Property Tax Services

- Collection of Real Property Tax Payment

- Issuance of Real Property Tax Bill or Statement of Account

- Issuance of Real Property Tax Clearance or Payment Certificate

- Issuance of Transfer Tax Assessments


Cash Disbursement Services

- Issuance of Certificate of Availability of Funds

- Issuance of Check Payments

- Disbursement of Salaries and Wages

- Disbursement of Cash Payments

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