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0 #1 Dave Morgan 2016-09-16 17:46
Good day,
We have been appraised by colleagues in the industry that Cebu Zoo is presently without animal care staff as their contracts have not been renewed. We note similar notifications to this effect on social media.

It is our understanding that the consequence of this situation is that the animals in the zoo are not receiving any care at all at this present moment due to this absence of staff. This is a matter of great concern as captive animals are totally depend upon their human care-givers for survival and their absence for even a short period of time will cause a situation of animal welfare abuse.

We would be grateful for official comment from City Government on this matter. Our organization and our colleagues in other prominent International Animal Welfare NGOs are greatly interested in this circumstance and look forward to a response.

Thank you,
Field Operations: Wild Welfare
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