Department of General Services


  1. Takes custody of and be accountable for all the properties, real or personally-owned by the City of Cebu and those granted to the city in the form of donation, separation, assistance and counterpart of joint projects; 
  2. Implements long and short-range plans covering preventive maintenance and rehabilitation systems and service facilities’ improvements including buildings, heavy and light equipment owned by the City. 
  3. Processes bulk acquisition of expandable and non-expandable materials for distribution to the different city government offices.  
  4. Facilitates the rental for local government properties, whether real or personal, which will be leased by the City of Cebu to public or private entities.  
  5. Provides equipment support to the different government projects, calamities or disasters within the City. 
  6. Maintains and supervises janitorial and security services of the City Hall Building. 
  7. Takes charge of the registration, licensing, and insurance of government properties such as motor vehicles, firearms, handheld radios, and buildings.

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