Department of General Services

Administrative Support Division

  1. Budget Management
  2. Maintain DGS Personnel Data
  3. Preparation of Payroll
  4. Handling of Documents
  5. Reproduction of Documents

Supply Management Division

  1. Storekeeping and Issuance of Supplies
  2. Inventory and Liquidation of Bulk Purchases
  3. Procurement Services of Supplies
  4. Inspection of Supplies Delivered and Acceptance Thereof
  5. Subscription of Newspaper for all offices
  6. Publication and Payment of Invitation to Bid
  7. Processing of Payment for Janitorial Services

Property Management Division

  1. Management of Cebu City-Owned Real Properties
  2. Inventory of Cebu City-Owned Property, Plant & Equipment
  3. Registration of Cebu City-Owned Vehicles and Buildings
  4. Insurance of Cebu City-Owned Vehicles and Buildings
  5. Licensing of Cebu City-Owned Firearms and Handheld Radios
  6. Disposal of City-owned Properties
  7. Issuance of Documents for Cebu City-Owned Properties
  8. Re-issuance of Returned Cebu City-Owned Serviceable Equipment
  9. Hauling of Returned City-Owned Properties from Different Offices

Equipment Repair and Maintenance Management Division

  1. Preventive Maintenance Services of all city-owned motor vehicles
  2. General Rehabilitation of Cebu City-Owned Heavy Equipments
  3. Component and Fabrication Services
  4. Scheduling/Dispatching of Requested Vehicles
  5. Warehousing (Spare parts only)
  6. Tire Maintenance Services
  7. Repair of Light Vehicles, Heavy Equipment and Buses

Building Maintenance Services Division

  1. Provide Electrical and Air-conditioning Services
  2. Provide Manpower Services
  3. Provide Carpentry Services
  4. Provide Painting Services
  5. Provide Plumbing Services
  6. Drafting of Plans for different Cebu City Departments’ / Offices’ projects
  7. Operate Elevator
  8. Operate Stand-by Generator in case of Power Failure
  9. Delivery of Tents and Stage to various Barangays per request

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