Management Information and Computer Services


The Cebu City Government created the Electronic Data Processing Department through Ordinance No. 1343 approved Mayor Tomas R. Osmeña in 1989 and later renamed to Management Information and Computer Services (MICS) through No. 1343 in the same year.

Integration of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS ) Center to MICS  in 1999 was made possible through Ordinance No. 1831.


MICS shall take the lead in utilizing ICT in the Cebu City Government.


  • Create and design city government-wide information systems needed for planning, decision-making and development
  • Utilization and optimization of Information Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Ensuring the procurement of ICT equipment and its services are optimal, of quality and be of benefit to the public‘s interest
  • Rationalization on the development and maintenance of the computer systems
  • Promote the development, retention and optimum utilization of qualified technical and managerial MICS personnel


  1. Administrative Group
  2. Client Support Group
  3. Developers Group
  4. Geographic Information System (GIS) Center
  5. Technical Support Group


A. Provision of Management Information

Provider: Developers, GIS and Client Support Group

  1. Generation of Customized Reports
  2. Generation of Maps

B. Application Development and Maintenance

Provider: Developers Group

  1. Systems Analysis and Design
  2. Programming and Testing
  3. Installation and Parallel Run
  4. Changeover
  5. Maintenance
  6. Retirement

C. ICT Project Management

Provider: Department Head/ Project Managers

  1. Initiation
  2. Planning
  3. Control and Monitoring
  4. Assessment & Evaluation

D. Customer Relations Management

Provider: Administrative Group

  1. Orientation on ICT Initiatives
  2. Consultation with Department and Office Heads
  3. Help Desk Operations/ Technical Support

E. Auxiliary Services

Provider: GIS, Developers Group

  1. Printing Services
  2. Administration of Aptitude Test for Applicants
  3. GPS Survey
  4. Large Format digital Scanning of maps and documents

F. ICT Skills and Knowledge Enhancement

Provider: GIS personnel and GIS Group

  1. Training Needs Analysis on Technical knowledge and skills
  2. Administration of ICT Training Program for MICS and City Government   employees

G. Database Management

Provider: Client Support and GIS Group

  1. Initial Database Build-Up
  2. Maintenance of Metadata

H. Administrative Services

Provider: Administrative Group

  1. Office Supplies
  2. Payroll Supporting Documents Administration
  3. Support Services for Official Travel
  4. Assistance for loan Applications
  5. Office Communications Administration
  6. Administration of Pass slips/logbooks

I. Secretarial Services

Provider: Administrative Group

  1. Communications Management
  2. Administration of Pass slips

J. Infrastructure Technology Management

Provider: Technical Support Group

  1. Network Administration
  2. Network Security
  3. Data Administration
  4. Corrective Maintenance
  5. Preventive Maintenance
  6. Network Provisioning
  7. Inspection of ICT Equipments
  8. ICT Equipment Installation and Commissioning
  9. Planning and Design


A. Accomplishment Report of the Technical Support Group (2009)

  • Installation and full support using combination of IP-VPN and Wireless connection for the 2009 Business Renewal of CTO at Emall
  • Made IBM AS 400 iSeries Operational for the whole year
  • Installed 9 CCTV cameras at the Executive Building
  • 100 % Update inventory of city hall IT equipment ( Legislative building -180 units; remote offices 305 units; Laptops - 35 units
  • Conducted preventive maintenance for a total of 1014 PCs, laptops, scanners &printers of city hall
  • Total of 523 request for repairs of IT equipment served for the whole year
  • Provided network connection to 18 PCs
  • Provided internet connections to 16 users
  • 100% Backup of data and system files of the IBM AS400 Advance Series
  • 58 incidence reports of virus problems resolved
  • Installed rack-type cabinet for application servers
  • 5 TSG personnel trained on Active Directory Management

B. Accomplishment Report of the Developers Group (2009)

  • BAC Information System for Bids and Awards Committee Office
  • Workflow Management System Phase 1 for the City Assessor’s Office
  • Ongoing Programming of OBO Information System
  • Training of Admin. Officers on Online Annual Procurement Plan Preparation System
  • Ongoing General Collections-POS for CTO (Cedula, Miscellaneous, OCCR & CHD Fees)
  • Ongoing Reengineered Business Permits System CTO
  • Ongoing Reengineered  Real Property Tax System Collection Module
  • Ongoing City Markets Operations System Programming
  • Business Permits One-Stop Shop Implementation in three offsites (SM, Sykes, Guadalupe) through VPN & Wireless Connection

Capability Enhancement: undertaking the ICT Skills Training

  • System Analysis & Design Training for 4 developers with Taughtworks, Inc.
  • Project Management Training for 4 developers with 15 MMT’s
  • Team Leadership Training of 5 MMT’s (ongoing)

Application Development Maintenance of existing information systems (made operational the following systems):

  • Real Property Tax System
  • Business Permits System
  • Payroll System
  • HRIS with Leave System
  • Property Inventory System to support the periodic and day-to-day functions of the City Assessor's Office, CTO, HRDO and GSO respectively

The list of information systems developed by the project teams with corresponding screen shots is available here.

C. Accomplishment Report of the GIS Group (2009)

  • Collection from sales of Maps: Php 63, 978.00
  • Project PNP eBlotter Mapping of 48 urban barangays done except Guadalupe and Lahug scheduled in 2010
  • Project TMBE (Taxmapping of Business Establishments) – Indexing of Building Footprints of 3 barangays (Sto. Nino, Kamagayan & Kalubihan)
  • ATM machine Digitizing for CTO -221 ATM
  • Inventory and digitizing of road traffic signs for CITOM-Urban north barangays done-Ongoing south barangays
  • Inventory of VECO streetlight wattages-70 barangay done
  • Encoding of inventory survey of VECO streetlight wattages-64 barangays done
  • Transformation of lot parcels of the City Assessor’s Office to fit into the orthophotos-4 barangays(Sto. Nino, Lahug, Inanyaawan & Mabolo)
  • Upadating of Existing GIS data sets to PRS 92 using Orthophoto maps-95% of roads buffer lines
  • Clean-up of maps and records of City Assessor to resolve the discrepancies between the digital parcel files and Tax Map Control Roll ( TMCR) data -24 barangays
  • GIS Orientation and Arcview Training-10 city hall employees
  • GIS Orientation conducted to 3,612 visitors and students

D. Accomplishment Report of the Client Support Group (2009)

  • Abstracting of Real Property Tax official receipts of collections for the Land Tax Division, CTO-864 batches - 173,657 records
  • Encoding & Printing of Tax Declarations, Tax Clearances and other certifications requested for the City Assessor’s Office- 22,503 TD’s

DATABASE MANAGEMENT: Regular Data Encoding Services

  • No longer requested by CTO because BP one-stop shop data encoding became wholly CTO operations
  • No longer provided because Annual Procurement Plan was computerized
  • Encoding of City Assessor’s Office employees Daily Accomplishment Reports for implementation of workflow Management System Project Phase 1
  • No longer provided because City Accounting encoded OR through overtime work
  • Printing of Assessment and Collection Reports required from the City Treasurer Office by the Department of Finance, BLGF-18 copies per month for 6 kinds of reports



  • GIS Orientation and Arcview Training to Cebu City Hall employees
  • GIS Orientation to Lakbay-aral visitors from all over the country
  • GIS map production at various scales for the city and public needs
  • Mapping of post and street lights in Cebu City using Global Positioning System (GPS) for Streetlight Management System
  • GPS Surveying of roads, drainage,barangay boundaries, SRP landmarks etc.
  • Barangay Boundary delineation of 80 barangays
  • Updating of existing GIS data sets using Orthophoto maps
  • Digitizing of vertical structures and building footprints of the entire urban and rural barangays using the orthophoto
  • Indexing of building footprints for the Taxmapping of Business Establishment ( TMBE) project
  • Transformation of lot parcels of City Assessor’s Office to fit into the orthophotos
  • Updating of the comprehensive landuse plan
  • Inventory and digitizing of road traffic signs
  • Inventory of streetlights wattages
  • Encoding of database of the inventory of streetlights
  • Inventory and mapping of cross-drainage in the mountain barangays
  • General Collections System
  • Reengineering of the Business Permits System
  • Reengineering of the Real Property Tax billing and collection system
  • Workflow Management Information System
  • Real Property Owners Tax Account Numbering Projects
  • OBO Information System
  • Online Annual Procurement Plan Preparation System
  • CCMC Network Infrastructure and Hospital Information System
  • CTO Accountable Forms Control System
  • BAC Information System
  • PNP eBlotter System Improvement
  • Property Inventory System Replication at DepEd
  • E-NGAS
  • Barangay E-NGAS

GAD Profile

Republic Act 7192 or the Philippine Gender and Development Act is an act promoting the integration of women as full and equal partners of men in development and nation building and for other purposes. As Cebu City Government’s response to implement this law, the different city hall GAD Focal Persons identified and conducted a profiling project in 2010. The objective of the project is to get personal, family, economic and health data and information from the 5,000 or more permanent and casual employees and capture those data in an information system. A GAD survey form was designed and approved and were distributed to the different departments and offices of city hall. The survey forms were encoded in a database, analyzed and presented in bar graph and pie in order to visualize or obtain the distribution by various category, bracket and classification. The GAD Profile of every department is intended to become a useful input in planning and development so that programs, projects, activities and even laws, ordinances and executive orders formulated, passed and enacted would consider both the needs of men and women of city hall.

The following statistics resulted from the survey conducted amongst the staff of the Management Information and Computer Services:














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