Information Systems

System Name: Centralized Payroll Preparation System

Project Team: Antonio A. Cugay (Programmer), Eflida Mondares (Project Manager), Mel John Buencamino (GUI Designer), Junel Gabrino (resigned), Juvanne Cris Roy (resigned)

System Description:

The Cebu City Centralized Payroll Preparation System is a computer system for the preparation of payroll registers and its supporting documents running on Windows environment. 


The system can generate eight (8) types of payroll for both regular and casual employees, namely:

  1. ‘Advance Payment’ for employees having 22 or more leave credits, 
  2. the ‘15/30 Payment’ for employees having below 22 leave credits but not less than 11,
  3. ‘1mo Payment’ for employees having below 11 leave credits but not 0,
  4. ‘Without Pay’ for employees having days uncompensated for lack of leave credits,
  5. ‘Excess loans’ for employees who have availed loans more than their take home pay,
  6. Mid-Year bonus
  7. Monetization
  8. Productivity, and
  9. Year-End bonus

Remittance reports to GSIS, Philhealth, BIR. Pag-ibig for employees and employer premium contributions and loan payments are also automated from the system.


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