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The Planning and Policy Cluster sets the direction and thrust for all the city government services. It exercises its lawmaking powers at the local government unit level.


  1. General administration, management and control over city programs, projects, services and activities, appointment/hiring of officials and employees;
  2. Issuance of license and permits, revocation or suspension of the same when necessary;
  3. Implementation of emergency measures in time of disasters and calamities;
  4. Promulgation or enactment of city ordinances and passage of resolutions;
  5. Appropriation of funds for the general welfare of the city and its constituents;
  6. Legal counseling, prosecution of cases against entities or individuals violating city ordinances, defending cases to protect city’s interest, resources and rights, administrative investigation for erring officials and employees, rendering legal opinions, reviewing proposed ordinances, contracts, executive orders and other legal documents;
  7. Drafting official response and communications in behalf of the Local Chief Executive
  8. Planning, evaluation and monitoring of development projects, implementation of Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision laws or regulation in land use; and
  9. Conduct of surveys.