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Republic of the Philippines
City of Cebu


Vice Mayor Mike Rama, members of the City Council, fellow employees of the government, my brother Cebuanos, Good Morning.

Two years have passed since I have reassumed the mayorship of our city. Where are we today? Where did we come from? Where are we going? What Have I done?

In a nationwide search, several institutions have collectively bestowed on your mayor as the most outstanding city mayor in the Philippines. Considering that I suffered a stroke last year, I thought that the award was more the output of teamwork and the sheer stubbornness of seeing to it that the right things are done.

The Housing and Urban Coordinating Council gave us six of the eight coveted awards for the best implementation of the Urban Housing Act. These are other awards that we garnered; most outstanding alumnus of the Asian Institute of Management, most supportive mayor in the field of social welfare, best financial management among 132 LGU’s in region VII.

So what does this mean to the ordinary Cebuano? Frankly, if the Cebuanos are not impressed, then neither should I. So, let’s talk about the things that count.

Video carrera is down by over 80 percent because we crackdown on the police. Because where there is video carrera, there are corrupt policemen, period.

Parents of our public school children will no longer have to make so called voluntary contributions. The city government will pay for these.

We will pay all the unfunded pledges of the previous administration for the on-site housing. We released P50 -million, another P10 is forthcoming.

The city government will launch the biggest asphalt storm ever. The city government will change all the sodium lights to brand new units in a one continuous program. That way, there will be no busted lights to replace over the next seven years.

The city will do this and more because the funds we collected belong to you and not to the mayor. And we collected taxes that no mayor ever could from Globe, from PLDT, from VECO. We cut down the number of employees in city hall and improved basic services. Even salaries are now paid on time.

We are prepared to fund and implement about P400 million in new projects before the next elections. We will show to the Cebuanos how sound management can be converted to better living for all of us.

Internally, we have strengthened ourselves considering from various threats; from SARS to terrorism, to jeepney strikes.

I thank all of those who have helped us make this city strong. There were sacrifices no doubt about it. And there will be more.

I can only assure that with your support no one will beat us. Cebu City will be second to none.

Thank you very much.

State of the City Address (2003)
Mayor Tomas R. Osmeña