NOTICE FOR Invitation to Submit Comparative Proposals

Public notice is hereby given that the City Government of Cebu and Tokagawa Global Corp. (TGC), the original proponent of the Joint Venture agreement for the Development, Modernization and Management of the Existing Off-Street Pay Parking Areas in Carbon Market (Warwick Lot) and Tabo-an Market have completed successful negotiations on May 17, 2019 under Stage 2 of the Competitive Challenge process pursuant to City Ordinance No. 2154, dated September 17, 2008, Series of 2008. The minimum investment cost is estimated to be FIFTEEN MILLION SIX HUNDRED SIXTY THOUSAND PESOS (Php 15,660,000.00).

Notice is hereby given to eligible private sector proponents (PSPs) to submit their comparative proposals. Interested PSPs must submit their notarized Expressions of Interest (EOIs) to submit comparative proposals on or before 5:00 in the afternoon of June 21, 2019. EOIs must and can only be submitted by the PSP that will apply for eligibility and submit comparative proposals. The EOI must also contain an undertaking that it has completed a similar project, that it can secure the necessary governmental approvals to implement all the components of the project, and that it can pursue the project.

Further, the EOI must contain a commitment by the PSP that it and its associates, partners, subsidiaries, affiliates, and assignees will adhere to the City Ordinance, policies, pronouncements of and qualification criteria set by the JV-SC, and that it will not seek and obtain a writ of injunction or prohibition or restraining order against the JV-SC, the City and its officials to prevent or restrain the Competitive Challenge process, the award of the Project and carrying out the Project, and that it will not institute any criminal, civil and/or administrative cases against the officials of the JV-SC and the City.

If no notarized EOI from a proper entity is received within the above-prescribed period, the Project will be awarded to the OP and Stage 3 of the Competitive Challenge process is deemed terminated.

PSPs which have filed their EOIs may obtain the forms for pre-qualification and eligibility, and tender documents from the Office of the JV-SC starting May 21, 2019 care of MS. SNRTA MARIE TRECE A. FLORES, Head-Secretariat, JVSC from the Department of General Services, 7/F Executive Building Cebu City Hall, MC Briones St. Cebu City, upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Philippine Pesos: Twenty-Five Thousand (PHP 25,000.00). The PSPs must submit their comparative proposals from May 21, 2019 to June 21, 2019 during office hours. If no PSP procures the tender documents and/or submits compliant comparative proposals, the Project will be awarded to the OP and Stage 3 of the Competitive Challenge process is deemed terminated.

The JV-SC reserves the right to reject any and all application for qualification and eligibility found not in conformity with the aforesaid CityOrdinance, relevant issuances, and this Notice.