Logo - City Agriculture Department


The most livable city for all.


To ensure an environmentally friendly, financially dynamic, pro-active and self-reliant City Government.

To have well-informed and participative barangays and communities.



  • In 1976 the Office of City Agriculturist was created thru City Ordinance No. 947
  • In 1999 Hillyland Development Commission was merged to CAD thru City Ordinance No. 1768


“The City Agriculture Department is responsible in maximizing the output of food products, conservation and development of forest and agricultural resources, and increases family income through agricultural production and home industries. It conducts planning, development, and administration of programs to provide agricultural extension services to farmers, home workers, and youth. It maintains liaison with the heads of National, Regional, Provincial and Local Government units, and Civic Clubs in the City for greater services and efficiency in the production of crops, livestock, and poultry, and in the conservation of forest and agricultural resources.”


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