The most livable city for all.


To ensure an environmentally friendly, financially dynamic, pro-active, and self-reliant City Government.


  1. Acquires high-tech equipments through donations or purchase.
  2. Prescribes cost – effective medicines.
  3. Confirms laboratory and x-ray procedure
  4. Send more trainees to seminars, scientific lectures, conventions, local and national levels; wet clinics
  5. Conducts research study as a pre-requisite to residency training program graduation.
  6. Attendance of personnel to PES/PERC Seminar.
  7. Maintenance personnel to work under their respective specialization.
  8. Development of preventive maintenance program.
  9. Increase in hospital income by 2%.
  10. To make available supplies and materials needed in the hospital
  11. All personnel to become computer literate / proficient.
  12. Maintenance of 50% re-ordering point of supplies and materials.
  13. Creation of a complete databank for all employees.


  1. Establish and maintain an accredited residency training program in the different fields of specialty.
  2. Establish a system of recruitment of committed and highly qualified medical personnel and consultants.
  3. Provide opportunity for the continuing professional growth in the respective field of expertise and to enhance competence on delivery of services.
  4. Install a mechanism or program to develop an appropriate attitude and behavior towards service delivery.

Legal Mandate

Section 1 of City Ordinance No. 1508, approved in Resolution No. 1767 in March 21, 1994 mandates that: “The Cebu City Government shall maintain and operate a non-profit general hospital to be henceforth known as “Cebu City Medical Center” for the primary purpose of PROVIDING adequate medical care to the underprivileged sector of the City’s population, a training facility for the students of all duly DECS-accredited Medical and Para-Medical schools in Cebu City and to undertake its own training program. It shall endeavor to maintain major services in the areas of specialization that the Board may decide upon.


Cebu City Medical Center is providing four major services as follows:

  1. Medical/Dental Services
  2. Ancillary Services
  3. Nursing Services
  4. Administrative Services with satellite Emergency Hospitals in Barangays Guba and Bonbon


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0 #1 Steve John Comajes 2018-01-25 14:56
Re: Concern about the refund of my philhealth.

Good Day,

Dear; Sir/Ma'am

I would like to follow-up my philhealth refund.

May Daughter was admitted last August 27,2016 and discharge from your hospital was October 10,2016.

It is almost 2yrs & 3months still i didn't receive my refund from your hospital.

I would like to inquire how long do i need to wait to receive my refund?

Otherwise i will send this complain to the office of Mr. President Duterte that this kind of process it takes long time almost 2yrs and 3months.

Hope to hear your feed back soonest.

Patient: Alyssa Mary Chen Magpatoc Comajes
Hospital: Cebu City Medical Center

Thank you

Steve John V. Comajes
SSF - Operations
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