Cebu City Public Library & Information Center

Founded on April 13, 1919

Vision: A prime gateway to knowledge and information facility providing a high-quality library services to people from all walks of life.

Mission: Provision of wide range of accessible materials in appropriate formats, a  conducive environment for learning to enrich the educational, cultural, moral and intellectual well- being of the Cebu City residents thereby making them well informed and actively participate in the global economic process.

Mandate :  To support general education and lifelong learning. ( RA7743)

Organizational Outcome : Well informed and globally competitive citizenry.

Goals : 

  1. Acquire, organize and make accessible all relevant informative materials in appropriate formats taking into consideration the needs, interest and socio-economic backgrounds of the community.
  2. Build a special collection that reflects the rich, cultural heritage of the Cebuanos that will stimulate growth in knowledge, develop literary, aesthetic appreciation and ethical standards.
  3. Strengthen the reading habits of children .
  4. Utilize electronic technologies for fast retrieval and easy access of information.
  5. Assist researchers  who conduct in-depth, studies, investigate areas of knowledge to create new knowledge.
  6. Provide assistance to  Barangay Reading Centers to make them  more functional and responsive to their community needs.
  7. Provide opportunities for all library staff to participate training workshop and seminars for professional growth.