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About South Road Properties

1The City of Cebu’s South Road Properties (SRP) is a whole new dimension in mixed-use development in the tropical Philippines.

The SRP is located on the east coast of cosmopolitan Cebu City, capital of Cebu Province. Cebu, where the shimmer of sand, sea and sky is rivaled only by the brilliance of its illustrious history and rich culture, the intensity of its talented and hospitable people.

The City of Cebu has been ranked eighth among the Top 10 Asian Cities of the Future in a list compiled by the Foreign Direct Investment (FDi) magazine of the Financial Times Group. Cebu City is also fourth in the list of 10 most cost-effective cities, seventh in best quality of life and is second only to Singapore in development and promotion.

The SRP was developed and is owned by the City of Cebu. It has a total area of 300 hectares, prime property set on reclaimed land along the city’s east coast, a stone’s throw from the central business district, the hub of trade and commerce in the central and southern Philippines.

3The estate is accessible from the main island via four access points. A six-lane coastal road runs the length of the estate.

With its efficient systems, state-of-the-art estate facilities and services and world-class standards, the SRP is poised to be a true masterpiece. Indeed, a fitting legacy to the Philippines and to the world.

Come to the SRP and live life . . . like never before.


History of South Road Properties

2This up-and-coming world-class estate was created through a Y 12 billion overseas development assistance package extended by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation, the largest loan amount that the bank ever extended to a local government unit in the Philippines.

The Philippine Economic Zone Authority which promotes world-class and environment-friendly economic zones for foreign investment has granted the SRP Special Economic Zone status. The property was initially conceptualized to host export-oriented light industries. Its evolution into a mixed-use area is a result of thoughtful consideration of economic realities, tipping the balance towards social relevance.

By its metamorphosis into a mixed-use area, the SRP has broadened locators’ investment options and opened more doors for end-users to enjoy the benefits its superb location offers. The SRP is the City of Cebu’s creative means of propelling more economic activity, creating more jobs and elevating the quality of life for its residents and those of its neighboring towns and cities.