COSAP is a public office in the City Government under the office of the mayor that does liaison work and coordinates with government offices and agencies involved in the enforcement of laws related to the prevention, suppression or regulation of illegal drugs and substances of abuses.


A drug free Cebu City that is safe and prosperous, through a dynamic and responsive partnership between the government and society contributing to eradicate drug abuse.


To eradicate the illicit supply and demand for dangerous drugs and to promote a barangay cooperation in drug abuse prevention with an effective program in educating the danger of drug use and vigilance on presence of drug peddlers so as to attain an environment that is safe, prosperous, and drug free community.

Legal Mandate

Cebu City Ordinance No. 1429.


0 #1 alevosia 2018-03-20 09:02
[censored]o, may i ask if your office have drug rehabilitation programs and do you issue a certification or proof of completion of the said program? may i also inquire the cost for rehabilitation thank you
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