“A self-propelling machinery for public service excellence of the Cebu City Government


  • Offer continuing education and training  programs for Cebu City government personnel, other LGU's and groups;
  • Assist the Cebu City government in research and development course and projects including Information & Communications Technology;
  • Render technical assistance on resource management;
  • Conduct and collate government research studies;
  • Do resource-based project proposal packaging  for funding;
  • Prepare long-term plans to offer formal resource management and development  courses in coordination with existing colleges and universities.


As embodied in Ordinance No. 1775, CREMDEC offers continuing education and resource management research programs for the Cebu City Government and other LGU’s, academe and Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) in developing projects for replication, links with domestic and international partners for institutionalization and professionalizing governance and the public service career, achieving global prestige for the Cebu City Government.


CREMDEC’s main campus is located in the Sister Cities Drive, Taptap, Cebu City about 24 kilometers or a 40-minute drive from the City proper via the Transcentral Highway. The Center sits amidst the 9.2-hectare Civil Reservation area on a mountain range 720 meters above sea level between the Mananga Watershed and Kotkot-Lusaran Watersheds.

It has a training and research facilities, sleeping quarters that can accommodate up to 45 participants, dining area, including lecture-workshop rooms, conference rooms, amphitheater, mini library, helipad and strolling facilities.